Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Why I am offering Send Out Cards to you!

Besides the obvious reason of holiday cards....this is the main reason I love Send Out Cards so much:

Kody Bateman (CEO and founder of Send Out Cards) was recently asked, "What's the ultimate goal of Send Out Cards?" I wanted to share his answer because I can tell you this company has already changed my life. Sending out positives every day and letting others know I care about them has blessed my life abundantly.

What is the ultimate goal of Send Out Cards?

It’s really simple: We are on a crusade to help millions of people become card senders. To help millions of people to act upon their promptings every day, to deliver on a promise that I made to my brother that I’d help as many people as I could act on their promptings, and as people join Send Out Cards they join that crusade. And it’s a lot of fun. If you think it’s fun to receive cards, start sending them.

Now, if you think it’s fun to send cards, start helping others to become card senders. The further you go in the process, the more fun it is. That’s what the crusade is all about.

The average consumer buys about 10 greeting cards a year, so it’s about a card a month. Our movement at Send Out Cards is to get the consumer from a card a month to a card a day. That’s it, a card a month to a card a day. And we teach people to send at least one heartfelt card every day of their lives. And if you do it, your life will change forever!



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