Thursday, January 28, 2010

Molly & Conner - Year FIVE!

That's right....I have now done pictures for them FIVE years in a row! They were my first clients EVER and I flew down to Florida this year to take their pictures...I am the only photographer they have experienced!
During the shoot, and it was in a very nice area, there was a random man walking around.....he said, "Hi!" very awkwardly and I answered with a, "Hello" in return and the kids were so shocked. They said, "Do you know that guy?!!!!" And, you know answer was, "Yes, he is my next appointment." I was joking, but it took them a couple seconds to get it...that made for some smiles for sure! :)
It has been so nice to watch them grow up too!

During the shoot I asked them if they play any sports, dance class, etc...and Molly VERY quietly said, "We do fencing...." It took me a couple seconds to realize what she had just said (b/c if that was me I would have said it VERY loudly! lol). Wow, fencing! That is amazing...what a great and different activity to be involved in!


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