Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Do you travel? - Worldwide Photography!

I get asked this question a lot....."Do you travel?"

Yes, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to travel! I have gone back to places I have lived (Florida and Indiana) quite a bit for portrait sessions and weddings!

I like to see new things, get away a bit, and come back with work I could never get locally!

And, I will throw this out there....if you are getting married "somewhere cool", as I call it, I will shoot your wedding for free as long as my flight and accomodations are covered.

Definition of "somewhere cool" - Places outside of the US...in order of coolness according to me, lol...
1. France - oh la la - I would LOVE to shoot here
2. Ireland - wedding dress in front of a castle - would love that!
3. England - Big Ben and a wedding dress
4. Australia - wide open spaces and a wedding dress!
5. Egypt - pyramids...wedding dress....'that' would be super cool!
6. Africa - wedding dress and wild animals...


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