Wednesday, December 22, 2010

101 in 1001 "to-do" list!

Here are some of my short term goals! A friend of mine started this list and has done it twice, so I started making my list about two months ago and this is what I have! I will keep you all updated on my progress also!

101 in 1001

Start Date: January 1, 2011

End Date: August 14, 2013


1. Make more youtube videos

2. Scout new locations to shoot at at least once every two months (18 times during this time period)

a. Location – Denton Town Square

b. Location – Justin

c. Location – Japanese Gardens

d. Location – Dallas Arboretum

e. Location – White Rock Lake

f. Location – Deep Ellum

g. Location – Grapevine Botanical Garden

h. Location – Mandalay Canal – (Los Colinas) – permit 972-556-0625 - $50

i. Location – Little Baghdad – corner of Cockrell & Alma..south Dallas

j. Location –Chandor Gardens - Weatherford

k. Location – McKinney Avenue Trolley - Dallas

l. Location – Fort Worth Water Garden

m. Location – Buddha Temple

n. Location – Design District – Dragon Street

o. Location – Fort Worth Botanical Garden

p. Location – Little Saigon – Haltom City – Belknap, between Beach Street & Baker Blvd.

q. Location – Thanksgiving Square – 1627 Pacific Avenue - Dallas

r. Location – Old Cotton Mill - McKinney

s. Location - TCU

t. Location - Stockyards

u. Location – Trinity Park – Fort Worth – graffiti bridge

v. Location – Hotel St. Germain

w. Location – Crescent Hotel

x. Location – Alexander Mansion

y. Location – Surrey House & Gardens - McKinney

3. Do photography event for animal shelter

4. Write my ideal client profile

5. Bring my personality out even more on my website/blog – blog something personal once each week

6. Create and give postcards to vendors I work with featuring a photo of their work for use in their marketing

7. Develop a new client kit

8. Take a road trip and stop along the way at cool places to take photos

9. Shoot a wedding on another continent

10. Develop and begin sending “date night kits” to wedding clients

11. Develop “after booking” gift

12. Develop a referral gift

13. Start offering my fine art images for sale as both prints and desktop images

14. Find two or more associate photographers who are a good fit

15. Go to dinner and really get to know a wedding couple before their wedding

16. Shoot an Indian wedding

17. Shoot another Chinese/American wedding

18. Do a MK photography Event

19. Photography – team fundraiser

20. Team pictures (new team)

21. Entire school wide fundraiser

22. 1,000 Facebook fans

23. Update pictures on website

24. Diane’s headshots

25. Become “the” photographer for an office (real estate, etc…)

26. Do a non-profit fundraising event

27. Throw a party/event for my business

28. Take more photos of everyday life

29. Enter photography contest

30. Take pictures of birds – bird watching

“With Will”:

31. Take a dance class with Will

32. Kiss in the rain (duh…with Will)

33. Take pictures in a photobooth with Will

34. Go to the driving range with Will

35. Take a hike with Will and the dogs

36. Make a time capsule with Will


37. Go canoeing

38. Make our crazy “man vs. food” sandwich at Sonic

39. Go on a picnic

40. Go on a helicopter ride

41. Rock climb at a gym

42. Go camping

43. Go to the museum

44. Dress up and pass out Halloween candy

45. Go hot air ballooning

46. Have a board game/catch phrase party


47. Go to France

48. Visit one new state

49. Visit bridge from TX Country Reporter

50. Visit the hill country

51. Visit a state park

52. Take a trip on a train


53. Train the dogs to respond to sit/stay on a regular basis.

54. Learn how to use and cook on the grill

55. Start and complete a round of p90x

56. Organize pantry

57. Clean out and organize master closet

58. Have a neighbor over for dinner

59. Watch a sunrise/sunset somewhere cool

60. Leave a gift on a friend’s doorstep

61. Make pasta from scratch

62. Write – using story starter

63. Order a martini…shaken, not stirred

64. Pay it forward

65. Learn Spanish

66. Send a message in a bottle

67. Go to the ballet

68. Use everything completely in my freezer and pantry (only buying staples to coordinate with what is left)

69. Find something that makes me happy and write it down everyday for a month.

70. Only check email, etc….once a day (30 minute max) for a week. (Not including photo editing, etc…)

71. Clean out and organize closet with sheets, comforters, etc..

72. Take a spin class

73. Buy a lottery ticket

74. Organize guest bedroom closet

75. Clean out bedside table

76. Organize magazine sheets better

77. Prepare a week of casserole’s for easy cooking during the week

78. 12 people on SOC team

79. Put in wood floors in our house

80. Use my garlic press

81. Learn how to lasso

82. Write to an author telling them how great they are

83. Write a “cheers” to the newspaper

84. Paint interior of house

85. Give a 100% tip – this should be interesting with Will’s track record of service…

86. Participate in an accessory swap

87. Take a friend to the gun range

88. Attend a toastmasters meeting

89. Call an old friend

90. Give Will an unexpected gift

91. Take Tupperware to restaurants instead of “bad for the earth” to-go containers

92. Walk the dogs TWICE a day for an entire week

93. Contribute to match Will’s 401k amount

94. Make a will

95. Make a dress, etc…out of something that already exists (modify)

96. Fry an egg on the sidewalk

97. Take a CPR class

98. Organize computer files

99. Put up a birdhouse

100. Participate in a book club

101. Go to the state fair


Bella Pop Photography said...

I should totally make a 101 in 1001 list. I have yet to do it!! ;)

Andrea Pender Photography - Fort Worth, Texas said...

What's funny is that it takes forever to make the list! I would add a few things, come back to it the next week, etc.....