Saturday, March 19, 2011

Week of outfits...

So, I decided to take pictures of my outfits everyday this week....why you ask? Well, having a studio in my home means days of workout shorts, yoga pants, and comfy t-shirts if I am just editing!

This week I had quite a few "outside" appointments, so it made it easy! Very fun to see what my outfits "really" look like!

Oh, and I should add that my mom is seriously my personal shopper. :) She LOVES to shop and she knows more about brands/sizes, etc...that fit me then "I" do! :) Thanks Mom!

Hairstyling tips - my great friend Melissa! :)

Monday -
Pants - Hollister - these are my all time favorite pants...ever!
Shirt - Apt. 9 - I love this brand....I have had this shirt for years though and it might be time to say goodbye to is starting to "pill"....sniff, sniff.
Necklace - I saw this at JCPenny, of all places, and it was on sale for $7....I just loved the big, bold flowers on it...sold!
Shoes - Sperry - I love my boat just need to get a boat! :)

Tuesday -
Pants - Apt. 9
Shirt - JKL (?)
Sweater - Apt. 9
Necklace - you can't see it very well, but I got it from Park Lane Jewelry, from my friend Heather. They have a lot of really fun jewelry! :)
Shoes - Anne Klein iflex - faux crocodile - I am IN LOVE with these shoes....I got four pairs...two black and two brown and they literally feel like you are walking on clouds! :) I wear them with everything and they are my "official" wedding photographer shoe. :)

Wednesday -
Shirt - Apt., are we noticing a trend here?
Pants - Levi's
Shoes - awesome turquoise and ostrich boots
Necklace - I got this from my friend Rose Mary at my ACCESSORY EXCHANGE! (Email if you want more info on was awesome and we all left with tons of "new" stuff for FREE!). I just love it! :)
Belt - it is a vintage looking belt...ivory, with horses running across it. Fun story - I saw this belt in a magazine before we lived in Texas....we came to visit my mom for a holiday and the only place that sold it was this warehouse-like place....we scouted it out and I have loved it ever since!

Thursday -
Shirt - Apt. 9
Jacket - Apt. 9
Pants - I have had these since is a no-name brand....
Shoes - Simply "baubles" on them!
Necklace - another from Heather, with Park Lane.
Bracelet - another gem from my accessory exchange! :)

Friday -
Shirt - Apt. 9 (lol, with my name tag on!)
Necklace - my gold chain with an awesome pendant from Heather (I am starting to notice a few patterns! lol)
Skirt - Apt. 9
Shoes - Nine West


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