Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Week of outfits...#2 - magazine wall/spray tan

Well, I decided to start my week of outfits on Saturday...why, you ask? B/c I had my first spray tan done, that's why! I recently met Brandy Peek and she has a company where she comes to YOU to spray tan! It is called Tempting Tan and she can either do individual sessions or spray tan parties! (It is cheaper if you can get your friends together and tan all at once!)

Saturday - Today Will and I were going to go on a picnic, but we ended up leaving later then planned....so, it wasn't really a "picnic/meal" time. So, we scouted out some new places in Dallas to shoot (photograph) at and that was fun! And...I have 2 new places I can offer sessions at! Yay!
Shirt - Elle
Skirt - Levi's
Shoes - You will be seeing these in every color they are made of. I just love my Reef sandals, if you haven't tried this brand you will LOVE them and never wear another brand of flip flops. (And, they are at Ross sometimes too...BONUS!)
Nice tan lines w/o the sun damage! :)

Sunday - What did we do today....the weather was sooo nice! :) Today we got new patio furniture! Yay! We finally have a place to sit with an UMBRELLA so I don't burn! :)

OH...and, please notice the background. :) This is my magazine wall! FUN! I use it a lot with seniors, boudoir sessions, etc...I have even used it for head shots for people with fun creative jobs....hair stylists, etc...Shirt - Sonoma
Skirt - ?
Shoes - tan Reef sandals

Monday - I literally was in workout pants all day and didn't move from my office. You are lucky I am saving you from that picture! I got a TON done today though...just not photo worthy! lol

Tuesday - Wow, today started with a spin class with my friend, Sandy. Holy Moly!!! My legs felt like Jell-O for about 12 hours afterward! :) It was a great class and I had fun! Then, on to a lunch meeting, some 1 on 1 appointments, some headshots, and a women's meeting! LOOOONG day!Dress - Rhapsoldy (I believe we got this at Ross for around $7.99....nothing but the best!)
Sweater - I love this sweater....I wear it a lot...Take Out
Shoes - Simply Vera

Wednesday - Not a very exciting day...lol, I call this my "school uniform" outfit!Shirt - Sonoma
Pants - Hollister (I have about 4 pairs of these pants...I LOVE THEM!) Anyone else buy multiples of the same thing when you know you love it?
Shoes - Reef sandals

Thursday - Today I helped my mom at her school. :) And, it was a spirit day for something, so I wore my Timber Creek High School shirt. I love the sparkles! And, can I add that a boy asked for my phone number...my mom watched this happen from across the library and she just laughed and watched to see how I reacted!! lol I had to tell the poor boy that I was married and just a bit too old for him! LOL
Shirt - from the vendor that put the sparkles on there!
Pants - Apt. 9
Shoes - Reef sandals

Friday - A "catch up" day...
Shirt - Adidas
Pants - Apt. 9 (I have 4 pairs of these jeans too!)
Shoes - my black Reefs

I hope you enjoyed my week of outfits and seeing the magazine wall backdrop! :)

Andrea :)

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