Monday, March 28, 2011

Week of outfits...#3 - metal backdrop/accessories

So, I thought (on Monday) that I would show you my metal wall and make myself wear accessories this week to "feature" on the post. :) I always have my watch, wedding rings, and necklace, my plan was to do more then the norm. :) I love my pearls, and realize this...especially after this week. I wore them twisted, looped, as a bracelet, etc...!

The metal wall is really great for close ups and for poses when you are laying down. As you will see, it is a very thin piece so it works great for up close and kids. A whole grown up person doesn't fit very well in front of it standing up.

Saturday - The weather was SOOOO nice today! :) Today I started getting some summer things out of my closet to wear! Yay! We did all kinds of work in our backyard today b/c it was so nice out. We planted 3 trees and got the flower bed ready for some rosebushes!

Shirt - Sonoma
Shorts - Sonoma

Sunday - Brrrrr, what happened to the nice Saturday weather?! We went to church today and then had lunch with my mom and Jim. While we were there we watched the "Tourist" with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. Good movie! :) Then, it was time to plant the rose bushes! :)

Shirt - Sonoma
Jacket - Sonoma (I am going to take this to a seamstress and have it taken in a bit on the sides so it is a more feminine but....I think I would wear it a lot more that way!)
Pants - Hollister - and, I have not been able to squeeze into these pants for a couple years so I am SUPER excited about that! Yay! :)
Shoes - Nine West

Monday - Slightly warmer, but still chilly outside! Lots of things to do today starting with taking Chloe in to the groomer for her quarterly shave. I think she gets her hair done more then I do! lol

Pants - same pants as, I promise, I wore them to church, lunch, and a movie...then changed into work clothes when we got home!
Shoes - tan Reef flip flops
Bracelet - I got this at the wonderful Sam Moon and it has a necklace, but it is almost too much to wear them together. :)

Tuesday - Today I had a few business meetings to go to.
Close up of necklaces:
Shirt - Apt. 9
Tights - Simply Vera
Boots -Simply Vera
Accessories - long strand of pearls doubled and twisted, necklace from Park Lane jewelry

Wednesday - More meetings today.Shirt - Apt. 9
Skirt - Apt. 9
Tights - They are PURPLE, but you can't tell in the picture! Simply Vera
Boots - Simply Vera
Accessories - Purple necklace I just found in my jewelry box....I have no clue where it came from, long strand of pearls tripled, and a seed pearl necklace worn as a bracelet. :)

Thursday - I started out my day with a Bikram Yoga class. My friends Lynn & Harry invited me and I kept telling them I would do it "next week". Well, the day finally came and I was pretty nervous, BUT LOVED IT! It was really interesting and I enjoyed it. 105 degrees in a room that smelled like my old karate school...what a combination! lol
Pants: Hollister
Bracelet: Bead Bash, Dee Kilkenny

Friday - Today was so much fun! Angie Lobue and I co-hosted a Cabi party! :)
Shirt - Elle
Pants - Gap
Shoes - tan reefs
Bracelet - my looooong strand of pearls wrapped about a zillion times and worn as a bracelet!


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