Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Before" wedding - DFW Wedding Photography

Well, as most of you know, we are from Indiana. Bridal Portraits are UNHEARD of up north! I even asked my photographer if I could do a session just with my dress and he looked at me like I was CRAZY!

So, I just had "bridal" portraits taken about two years ago! lol

I really recommend having as many sessions as possible with your photographer before the day of the wedding. It is nice to really know who that person is holding the big black camera in front of you all day!

Will and I had an engagement session done and enjoyed that, but I really wished I would have had bridals taken....but, its ok! I had them done with the "real Andrea" I am now...not the young bride who wasn't sure what she needed to do!

I use the engagement session as a time to really get to know the couple...the bridal portrait session as a time to get to know the bride more (and she normally brings vital important people with this session so I have more familiar faces on the wedding day.)....AND....most of my brides are doing boudoir parties before the wedding with their wedding party. These are new and trendy and a LOT of fun. That means I get to know even MORE people before the wedding.

My goal is for your wedding day to see me as a friend and not a stranger holding a camera. :)

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