Friday, April 22, 2011

My wedding....time of day...-DFW Wedding Photography

Ok....time to talk about the time of day. Our wedding was at 11:30am. At the time, in my head, I wanted to be up and have fresh make-up, etc....and just do it. I didn't want to sit around all day to wait to have the hair and make-up done, etc....

Looking back (now, especially as a wedding photographer) I would have my wedding later in the day. The reception would have been a lot more fun! When it is noon and the room is bright and sunny no one wants to dance and really have a good time! It also rushed quite a few people who were not early birds, or who weren't from the area.....There was not much time before the wedding to get all the pictures done!

The one really fun thing though, with an early wedding, is that we opened all of our gifts that evening! :) So, that was really fun to have an exciting wedding day, open a zillion gifts, and then get whisked off to the honeymoon!

Andrea Pender Photography

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