Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What would "I" do differently if I got married tomorrow? - DFW Wedding Photography

So many people ask me...."Would you change anything about your wedding, looking back?"

Let me preface this with "I LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT MY WEDDING"....but, with being in the industry now there are a lot of things I would do differently. Most of them are simply b/c I know who I am and I deal with weddings quite a bit....When I planned my wedding I was a senior in college at Purdue and had other important things to deal with....oh, and I was the first of all of my friends to get married.

Over the next few weeks I will talk about:
1. Venue choice
2. Time of wedding
3. Engagement/Bridal portrait sessions
4. Style
5. And...probably a few other things!

And, most of these are coming from "Photographer Andrea's" point of view! :)

I will answer these questions over a period of time....So, let's start with the venue.

Well, we had the traditional church wedding and reception at a country club. I like to look back and see the pictures of a church wedding, BUT...after shooting a ton of weddings I would change that to an outdoor wedding! I think when I was planning my wedding I knew I was "supposed" to get married in a church...that is what you do...and, with being the first of all of my friends the thought of an outdoor wedding never even crossed my mind.

The picture opportunities are SO much better outside! And, with most outdoor weddings the wedding and the reception are in the same place so the guests don't have to leave the church and drive to the next spot. It is just more convenient. There is the risk of rain though, as a photographer I have seen quite a few wedding venue's ruined by, a backup plan is a must!

Right now, at this point in my life, I would pick a nice country setting....maybe a white fence with a couple horses behind it and Will and I standing in front of that (very pretty in my head!). And, when the ceremony is done people just move to another area and let the reception begin.


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